Nationwide Debt Direct and You

Nationwide Debt Direct works with consumers like you to develop and execute a professional debt settlement strategy with the goal of  satisfying  and eliminating all of your debt obligations. Nationwide Debt Direct believes that debt settlement is the fastest and least expensive option to get you out of debt without filing bankruptcy. Also known as debt negotiation, debt settlement is an ambitious approach to debt reduction for debtors like you who are experiencing the strains of too much debt. Our professional debt settlement services are a viable alternative to bankruptcy.

Nationwide Debt Direct and Your Creditors

Nationwide Debt Direct helps you by negotiating with your creditors or debt collectors on your behalf with the goal of settling your debts for an amount much less than the balance currently owed. In return for your creditors or debt collectors agreeing to a settlement amount, you will begin to make one monthly settlement payment regardless of the number of negotiated debts. Each of these settlement payments will then be applied in a manner that allows your debts to be paid down and eventually become “settled in full.”

Once your debt has been “settled in full,” the creditor or debt collector will issue a letter to you confirming that your debt obligation has been legally satisfied. The result of this is that you will have a zero balance on your debt obligations and your creditors and debt collectors will no longer have any reason to perform any collection actions against you.

Unlock Your Financial Freedom With Nationwide Debt Direct

Nationwide Debt Direct believes that our professional debt settlement services provide a great alternative to  consumers like you who are considering filing bankruptcy.   In addition to being able to successfully satisfy in full your debts, our services can be achieved without having a bankruptcy filing report on your credit.   Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a bankruptcy filing may remain on your credit report for ten years.

We understand that many consumers like you can become too emotionally involved to successfully negotiate favorable debt settlement terms with your creditors and debt collectors.   Choosing to work with our professionals at Nationwide Debt Direct will allow you to gain the peace of mind that you are moving forward to regaining your financial freedom!